Millie Bobby Brown jumps from ‘Stranger Things’ to ‘Godzilla: King of Monsters’

Millie Bobby Brown plays the role of Madison in Godzilla, who is a daughter of two scientists. (Supplied)
Updated 02 June 2019

Millie Bobby Brown jumps from ‘Stranger Things’ to ‘Godzilla: King of Monsters’

  • Godzilla: King of Monsters was Millie Brown's first movie
  • She is also UN's Goodwill Ambassador

DUBAI: Since the moment “Stranger Things” became a global cultural phenomenon in the summer of 2016, Millie Bobby Brown been a star. Her poise and personality, not to mention her talent, has pegged her for a gigantic career that is only just beginning. It’s hard to imagine, as omnipresent as the 15-year old has been, with her work as a UN Goodwill Ambassador and appearance on the Time 100 list, that “Godzilla: King of Monsters” is the actress’s first film.

“Taking on a cinematic experience compared to ‘Stranger Things’ was big time. It’s a high standard to go up against. I feel like I was just really excited. It’s overwhelming and it can be quite scary and daunting, but as soon as I went on set it felt like the first day of school and I immediately learned everyone’s names and it was good,” Brown told Arab News.

In “Godzilla: King of Monsters,” as well as next year’s sequel, “Godzilla vs. Kong,” Brown plays Madison, the daughter of two scientists, played by Kyle Chandler and Vera Farmiga, who work for Monarch, a global organization that specializes in the study of the titans that have been rising from their slumber at various points across the Earth.

“My character Madison is a skilled and intelligent teenager who aspires to be her mother one day. She sis relatable on some levels and her vulnerability level is something I can relate to,” Brown said.

Working with Chandler and Farmiga was the highlight of the experience.

“They are just some of my favorite actors — Kyle I have obviously watched for a really long time and Vera I’ve watched all her movies, so I was quite starstruck when I met them. It was quite easy to play an on-screen family when you have amazing people. Playing mother-daughter with Vera was very easy.”

By the end of the film, Madison goes from bright-eyed and full of wonder to devastated by the destruction that the titan’s battles have caused, both to the world and her family. Moving into Godzilla vs. Kong, Brown consciously approached the character differently.

“Madison has definitely changed. It was actually really exciting and fun for me to move into the next film with the character and evolve her in some way. I think it’s such a coming of age story for her. In the next movie I got so excited that I would be able to a part of her journey again, and changing her and making her become a teenager was awesome,” Brown told Arab News.

“Godzilla: King of Monsters” is set to be released in cinemas across the GCC over the Eid Al-Fitr weekend.

Egyptian presenter Riham Saeed probed over comments insulting fat people

Updated 24 August 2019

Egyptian presenter Riham Saeed probed over comments insulting fat people

  • The presenter is accused of saying overweight people were a bad image of society
  • Her comments sparked outrage on social media

CAIRO: Popular Egyptian TV show host Riham Saeed is being investigated by the Egyptian media council after receiving complaints that she had made comments deemed insulting to overweight people.

It is claimed that Saeed, host of late-night show “Sabaya,” said overweight people were a bad image of society, adding that many of those who are obese were a “burden on their families and the state.” 

The presenter is also accused of saying that overweight women lost their femininity over time and were less happy. 

Her comments sparked outrage on social media, with users venting their anger and calling for a boycott of her show on the Al-Hayah Channel.  

A hashtag bearing her name #ريهام_سعيد was created with calls for the channel to suspend the show and to sack Saeed.  

But Saeed has defended herself on her official Instagram account saying she has been covering the issue of obesity on her show for years, asking why people were only reacting angrily now.

And fans of the host say she has always hosted overweight people on her show and helped them undergo corrective surgery to help with their weight issues.