HIGHLIGHTS: From art exhibition ‘Second Hand’

Updated 03 July 2019

HIGHLIGHTS: From art exhibition ‘Second Hand’

  • The group exhibition ‘Second Hand’ runs July 3 — Nov 23 at Jameel Arts Center in Dubai

‘The Falcon and the Bandit’

Diana Al-Hadid

Diana Al-Hadid's 'The Falcon and the Bandit.' (Supplied)

“Second Hand” is the first Art Jameel Collection exhibition and features work from 18 artists and collectives, including Syrian-American artist Diana Al-Hadid. The common thread, the gallery says, is that all participants “employ traditional and non-traditional approaches to ‘making,’ often incorporating banal … material to construct new forms and ideas.”


‘Mycelium Running’

Zahrah Al-Ghamdi

Saudi Arabian artist Zahrah Al-Ghamdi contributes an installation made of leather and cotton thread. The artist told Arab News last month that she is inspired by the land artists of the 1970s, and their “ability to use raw materials to express their feelings. They helped me to see ‘nothing’ as something important.”


‘Second Hand Information’

Moffat Takadiwa

The exhibition’s title references this work by Zimbabwean artist Moffat Takadiwa, which was created from repurposed computer keys. The piece alludes, according to the press release, “to how, as information is passed from one person to the next, the meaning of material changes over time.”

What We Are Buying Today: Yataghan Jewellery

Updated 20 July 2019

What We Are Buying Today: Yataghan Jewellery

In January, my family celebrated my birthday by gifting me a “Hubb Collection” necklace that I had wanted ever since I laid eyes on it, when one of my relatives wore it.

The design of the word ‘Love’ — written in Arabic Farsi font and angled in a way that makes it heart-shaped — fascinated me, and I have worn the necklace ever since I got it, partly out of sentiment, but also because I find it so beautiful and unique.

Jeddah-based Yataghan Jewellery — the maker of the “Hubb Collection” — has a variety of gold designs, stackable jewel-ornamented hexagon rings, necklaces, bracelets and rings engraved in Arabic Farsi.

The store’s Instagram account @yataghanjewellery documents its trademark pieces and shares customers’ experiences along with how they choose to stack their Yataghan pieces.

Customer favorites include their Allah necklace, and the “Hubb Collection” (rings, necklaces and bracelets in crystalized or standard gold, silver or rose gold with a single colorful or silver crystal).