Asus rolls out new laptops for Saudi market

Updated 10 July 2019

Asus rolls out new laptops for Saudi market

Taiwan-based computer hardware company Asus recently held an event in Riyadh to preview its new computers in the Saudi market.

Meanwhile, a range of new technologies was unveiled at Computex, the international information technology show. 

The categories announced at the event are Asus for the typical user, ROG for gamers and Asus Pro machines for business.

The event was attended by several businessmen and Asus partners.

Benjamin Yeh, general manager of Asus, said his company offers what its customers need in different sectors. He said Asus has helped launch many innovations.

Asus is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the company. To mark the occasion at the event, a special-edition laptop was presented to Faisal Alsaif, a renowned Arab technical content provider. 

Alsaif, in his speech, discussed the positive contribution made by Asus to modern technology in Saudi Arabia.

Asus has reiterated through the various versions of its products that it focuses on the development of design excellence. 

It stresses maximum performance and quality control. Asus takes pride in presenting the latest in computers and technology, the company said in a statement.

New products highlighting different technologies were displayed at the event. ZenBook Pro Du with two screens stole the show. 

Several versions of laptops for gamers, offering the separate screen feature, were put on display.

Strix Scar 3 Gaming laptops, having screens with frame rate of up to 240Hz and other ROG laptops, offering more features attracted attention.

The company’s laptop series and all-in-one business-to-business PCs were also announced at the event.

Machines that interest private- and government-sector companies, offering technologies developed to suit this category of users, are the cornerstone of business success.

Arabian Power Electronics factory starts operations

Updated 23 July 2019

Arabian Power Electronics factory starts operations

The new plant of Arabian Power Electronics Company located in Dammam’s Industrial Area has started its operations following a soft-inauguration event on July 5.

The inaugural ceremony com- menced with the ribbon cut by Dr. Siddeek Ahmed, chairman and managing director, Eram Group.

Dr. Sattam Al-Omairy, director, APEC, did the ribbon cutting for the shop floor inauguration.

The meeting started with a wel- come address by Abdul Razack, group CEO, Eram Group.

Jacob Thomas, business unit head of APEC, spoke about the birth of APEC and how it grew to a market leader today in his open- ing remarks.

In his inaugural address, Dr. Sid- deek Ahmed, CMD, Eram Group, expressed his vision behind estab- lishing the first power electronic manufacturer of Saudi Arabia.

Saad Al-Shahrani, chairman, Saudi Council of Engineers, Rizwan Ahmed, director, Eram Group, Elio Maggi, executive board member, Eram Group, Mohd Al-Shallali, executive board member, Eram Group, Abdullah Al-Ajmi, corpo- rate affairs manager, APEC, also ad- dressed the event.

Madhu R. Krishnan, group direc- tor, Eram Group, offered a vote of thanks to all the well-wishers for their constant support to the com- pany during the past eight years.

Arabian Power Electronics Com- pany is a leading global power electronics manufacturer with world-wide operations and a production facility in Saudi Arabia.

APEC was established in 2011 as a flagship division of ERAM Group, one of the most diversified business conglomerates in the Middle East.

The company has gained wide ac- ceptance for the quality of products and services by serving more than 700 clients in the region and a total installed capacity over 12 MW of power backup systems.

The company has an operations and maintenance team capable of reaching clients across Saudi Arabia. The new facility will de- liver the most innovative technol- ogy, products and services as well as job opportunities to young Sau- di engineers. This will accelerate the company’s vision of becoming the pioneers of power electronics in the region.

As Vision 2030 demands the de- velopment of a more stable energy sector with localization of the tech- nology, APEC is close to achieving this through the process of trans- ferring power electronics technol- ogy to the Kingdom.

The facility is completely de- signed and constructed for the future. Its position and proximity to the upcoming King Salman En- ergy Park, which is going to be the epicenter of global Industries, will help turn the spotlight on APEC — the indigenous manufacturer.