Asus rolls out new laptops for Saudi market

Updated 10 July 2019

Asus rolls out new laptops for Saudi market

Taiwan-based computer hardware company Asus recently held an event in Riyadh to preview its new computers in the Saudi market.

Meanwhile, a range of new technologies was unveiled at Computex, the international information technology show. 

The categories announced at the event are Asus for the typical user, ROG for gamers and Asus Pro machines for business.

The event was attended by several businessmen and Asus partners.

Benjamin Yeh, general manager of Asus, said his company offers what its customers need in different sectors. He said Asus has helped launch many innovations.

Asus is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the company. To mark the occasion at the event, a special-edition laptop was presented to Faisal Alsaif, a renowned Arab technical content provider. 

Alsaif, in his speech, discussed the positive contribution made by Asus to modern technology in Saudi Arabia.

Asus has reiterated through the various versions of its products that it focuses on the development of design excellence. 

It stresses maximum performance and quality control. Asus takes pride in presenting the latest in computers and technology, the company said in a statement.

New products highlighting different technologies were displayed at the event. ZenBook Pro Du with two screens stole the show. 

Several versions of laptops for gamers, offering the separate screen feature, were put on display.

Strix Scar 3 Gaming laptops, having screens with frame rate of up to 240Hz and other ROG laptops, offering more features attracted attention.

The company’s laptop series and all-in-one business-to-business PCs were also announced at the event.

Machines that interest private- and government-sector companies, offering technologies developed to suit this category of users, are the cornerstone of business success.

King Abdullah Economic City launches summer festival

Updated 22 July 2019

King Abdullah Economic City launches summer festival

King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) has announced the launch of the Turquoise World summer season in the coastline of turquoise water on the Red Sea. 

Taking place until Aug. 31, the festival will feature a variety of thrilling events and activities that fulfill KAEC visitors’ and residents’ expectations, particularly those who are seeking a distinctive lifestyle of recreational and entertainment within a modern environment.

“In line with the Kingdom’s ambitious vision 2030, King Abdullah Economic City is living rapid growth in its several strategic sectors, including the quality of life program along with the tourism and leisure sector, in order to create a world of entertainment at the heart of our nation,” said Ahmed Linjawy, group CEO of KAEC.

“Set to become the leading destination on the Red Sea, KAEC is fully equipped for hosting and organizing massive events and activities due to its logistical and state-of-the-art infrastructure, including world-class social, sports and leisure facilities that have been developed to provide a high-quality environment to meet the needs of those who aspire to a luxury lifestyle overlooking the virgin beaches of the Red Sea.” said Linjawy.

The “Turquoise World” festival was inspired by KAEC’s new identity “Another World” to offer an exceptional experience that has been designed to entertain all family members, with unique direct turquoise view of the Red Sea. 

The festival offers a variety of exclusive activities and events at the Beach Walk, and range of water sports at the Yam Beach, and the Bay La Sun Marina and Yacht Club, including water games at Aqua Fun, K-MAX — the first multi-dimensional movie theater in the Kingdom, and Juman Karting, among others. 

In addition to top-class hotels with an elevated standard of living and services that make KAEC an ideal destination to visit and live.

King Abdullah Economic City is the largest privately funded new city in the world, situated on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. 

KAEC covers an area of 181 sq km of land, approximately the size of Washington DC. KAEC comprises King Abdullah Port, the Coastal Communities residential districts, the Haramain Railway district and the Industrial Valley. 

The city is under development by Emaar, The Economic City, a publicly listed Saudi joint-stock company established in 2006.