By Musaed Al-Osaimy, Arab News Staff
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Mon, 2001-03-26 04:38

RIYADH, 26 March — Prince Sultan ibn Fahd, chief of the Youth Welfare Presidency, yesterday announced major changes in the board of directors of Saudi Football Federation. Well-known names like Abdul Rahman ibn Dahham, Saleh ibn Nasir and Abdullah Al-Dubl are out of the new list while a number of new faces including former football stars and physical education experts have been inducted into the new board chaired by Prince Sultan ibn Fahd.

The presidency chief held a press conference in Riyadh yesterday to announce the reshuffling of the boards of 24 federations in the country. The move saw the entry of 13 new board chairmen and 11 officials holding on to their previous positions.

Prince Nawaf ibn Faisal, the presidency’s deputy chief, is the new chairman of the Equestrian Federation in place of Prince Faisal ibn Abdullah, who had requested not to renew his term. Prince Nawaf ibn Muhammad, chairman of the Federation of Athletics and Muhammad Al-Matroud, chairman of the Handball Federation, kept their positions.

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