Abdul Kareem Al-Zomaie, Arab News Staff
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Sun, 2003-03-30 03:00

RIYADH, 30 March 2003 — Health Minister Dr. Osama Shubokshi has warned pharmacists supplying medicines without a licensed doctor’s prescription, saying they would be fined up to SR10,000 if they are found repeating the offense.

“The pharmacist will be fined SR5,000 if it is proved that he violated the law. The fine will be doubled to reach SR10,000 if he repeats the offense,” the minister said in a circular.

Committees entrusted with the task of monitoring violations by pharmacists will implement the new regulations.

The minister issued the circular in light of a Cabinet decision that bans distribution of medicine by pharmacists without a doctor’s prescription.

Khaled Muhammad Al-Mirghalani, supervisor of health information and public relations, said medicines that are not dangerous have been excluded from the purview of the law.

“We will distribute the list of medicines excluded from the law to all pharmacies and medical distribution companies to remove any confusion,” Mirghalani said.

He said the new law aims at regulating distribution of medicine in the country. “Selling of outdated medicine and changing of its combination will be considered a violation of laws,” he said.

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