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Tue, 2005-06-07 03:00

With the support of its local partner, Innovative Solutions (, TechUnified’s Customer Connect Enterprise Product is finding acceptance at banks in the Middle East. Customer Connect is a suite of mobile messaging solutions, which can be integrated with existing enterprise applications deployed in Banking, Insurance, Share Trading and many other business domains. The product architecture is based on open technologies like J2EE and XML, which make the overall total cost of ownership attractive.

The solution has advantages over existing products in that it does two-way communication of sending alerts (unlike traditional one-way systems) and also has a two-way secure communication process which encrypts the messages while the messages are in transit in the air interface. This feature has been added looking at the security requirements of financial transactions. Among the other advantages are the easy to plug-in interfaces available to connect with various enterprise systems, multilingual messaging facilities in English and Arabic and a quick deployment time frame. Real Time messaging allows the buying and selling of shares through a mobile handset securely.

“At some businesses, customers have proposed junking the previous systems they were using and deploying Customer Connect,” said Product Manager Krishna Kumar. “We are also receiving serious inquiries from European financial institutions.”

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