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Sun, 2005-12-04 03:00

GAZA, 4 December 2005 — Israeli troops killed two Palestinians overnight yesterday in separate incidents in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical and security sources reported.

The security sources said Israeli naval forces fired a shell from a naval gunship at a Palestinian fishing boat sailing along the Gaza shores early yesterday, killing at least one Gaza fisherman and sinking the vessel.

The boat, which appeared to be coming from Egypt, refused to stop when it encountered an Israeli Navy ship in a prohibited maritime region, Israeli military sources said.

After firing warning shots, the Palestinian boat opened fire on the navy ship, which was coupled by shoots from shore, the Israeli sources added.

Palestinians said the reason behind the attack was unclear, adding that Israeli naval forces chase Palestinian fishermen every night and prevent them from reaching certain areas.

Doctors at Rafah Hospital in the southern Gaza Strip identified the man as Zeyad Al-Bardaweel, adding that he was dead by the time he reached the hospital. No other injuries were reported.

Separately, a young Palestinian man was killed and two others were injured late Friday as they approached the border between southeast Gaza Strip and Israel, Palestinian medics and security sources reported.

The sources said Israeli soldiers, stationed along the border opened fire at three young Palestinian men who were making an attempt to enter Israel.

One man was killed and two others were injured, and all were taken to Nasser Hospital in the southern Gaza Strip town of Kahn Younis. The two men were said to be in moderate condition, according to Palestinian medics.

Israeli Radio, quoting Israeli military sources, reported that Israeli soldiers opened fire at the three men as they approached the fence surrounding the Gaza Strip.

The security sources said that in the last few months, dozens of Palestinians have tried to infiltrate into Israel to look for jobs due to the high rate of unemployment in the Gaza Strip.

Israel has been imposing strict security measures on crossings and terminals between the Gaza Strip and Israel to prevent Palestinian militants from reaching Israel to carry out attacks.

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