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Fri, 2006-07-07 03:00

JIZAN, 7 July 2006 — A police officer shot dead his wife in front of their four children and then tried committing suicide by shooting himself in the head in Jizan.

In a case which has shocked residents of the peaceful Al-Rawdah suburb, the 30-year-old policeman shot his schoolteacher wife three times in front of the couple’s four young children, the Al-Watan daily reported yesterday.

Police arrived at the family home after receiving reports from neighbors who heard shots being fired. The wife was found lying in a pool of blood with the police officer close by. The couple’s children were in a hysterical condition. Paramedics took the police officer to the King Fahd Hospital where he is being kept in intensive care. According to police, the policeman used his police-issue-gun to commit the crime. Police hope the husband will fully recover to help them unravel the motive behind the murder.

1,000 Lashes for Grifter

A grifter who had been arrested three times earlier for various scams received a more severe punishment the fourth time: Four years in prison and 1,000 lashes, according to a report in Al-Madinah.

The grifter, who had various aliases, preyed on fresh college graduates, all women, by promising them jobs in return for a fee of SR500 for finding jobs.

He would look for fresh women graduates, who often have trouble finding jobs, by posting job notices and promising salaries of around SR5,000. He usually cheated people by telemarketing.

He was sentenced to ten months in prison when arrested for the first time for this crime. After his release, the man again went about cheating women graduates. Eventually he was arrested and sentenced to a year in prison in absentia because he had managed to escape.

A few days later he was arrested for the third time and sentenced to a year in prison. After he served his sentence he came up with new ideas of cheating women graduates. This time he offered to employ women “recruiters.”

When the news of the scam spread across Makkah, police were flooded with complaints and they managed to track down the culprit. He was arrested, and this time the court sentenced him to four years in prison and 1,000 lashes.

Teenager Kills Man

A teenager stabbed and killed a driver in Al-Qatif in a road-rage incident that happened near a roundabout, the Al-Jazirah daily reported yesterday.

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