P.K. Abdul Ghafour, Arab News
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Thu, 2007-11-01 03:00

JEDDAH, 1 November 2007 — Saudi authorities in Madinah yesterday executed five Saudi men for raping and murdering a young boy, the Saudi Press Agency reported, quoting an Interior Ministry statement.

The ministry identified the five as Khaled ibn Humaid Al-Sahli, Ali ibn Ahmed Ayashi, Jazi ibn Samayel Al-Maraashi, Hani ibn Abdullah Al-Aufi and Aaish ibn Salim Al-Muhammadi.

“The five were found guilty of abducting the young boy, raping him and killing him by slitting his throat and then decapitating the body with a knife,” the statement said. The five criminals later threw the young boy’s headless body into a valley.

The ministry did not say when the crime took place or who the victim was. The statement, however, pointed out that the five Saudi criminals were drunkards, drug addicts and had previously stolen a number of cars.

The horrifying discovery of a headless body in the Erwa Valley in Madinah was widely reported in the local press in February 2004. The incident had terrified the area residents.

One report published at the time said the boy was a Pakistani.

Arab News reported on Feb. 10, 2004, that police were searching for the boy’s head and that they had taken DNA samples from the missing Pakistani boy’s parents after they expressed doubts that the headless body was their son’s. The body was so disfigured that the parents were unable to identify it with certainty.

The ministry said the five Saudis confessed to murdering the boy and committing several other crimes that terrorized peaceful people and undermined security. It said the Court of Appeals as well as the Supreme Judiciary Council endorsed the Shariah Court’s verdict to behead the five.

The ministry warned criminals intending to attack peaceful people, cause bloodshed and violate honor that they would receive severe punishment.

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