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Wed, 2008-10-15 03:00

TAIF: Even criminals should follow certain work ethics or else they will be thrown out of work and put behind bars. This is what happened to two Saudi smugglers and six illegal foreign workers, Al-Watan daily reported yesterday. The Saudis had smuggled the illegal workers out of a southern border town to Makkah province. At the end of the journey in Taif, the illegals refused to pay a huge amount of money demanded by the smugglers. The smugglers took them to a building outside the city and locked them up saying they would not be freed until they paid the money. However, the smugglers permitted a hostage to call his friend in Taif to bring the money. But what he requested his friend in his native language was to inform police about them with a description of the location. And the police were very happy to arrest all the parties involved. The smuggling of illegal workers involved several thousands of riyals as fines and jail terms for Saudis and the deportation of illegal immigrants.

Woman accepts proposal ... after 25 years

TANNUMA: A woman in Tannuma, a town in the southern province of Asir, has married a man whom she had refused to marry 25 years ago. It was in 1983 that the man sought her hand in marriage. But she refused because her circumstances would not allow her to leave her parents. But later when conditions changed and she was ready for marriage, no suitor of her liking turned up. She confided in one of her friends that she wished her first suitor might come again. The man learned about the woman’s sentiments only recently and was overcome by emotion. Though he had a wife and several children, he proposed again to her and she immediately agreed, Okaz reported.

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