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Thu, 2009-10-29 03:00

The Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques has started implementing its plan for this year’s Haj season, which starts on Nov. 3 and concludes on Dec. 18.

Over 6,000 employees will provide guidance and religious services to the guests of Allah in order to help them perform the rituals of the Haj correctly.

The presidency’s plan aims to achieve the following:

• Increasing the number of muftis (providers of religious ruling) and study rings inside the Holy Mosques.

• Completion of the bridge leading from the Masaa (the pathway between Safa and Marwa) to the bus terminal.

• Preparing the eastern courtyard to accommodate more worshippers.

• Providing more drinking water taps.

• Closely observing the cleanliness of maintenance works.

• Completing research to determine the hydraulic specifications of the Zamzam well in collaboration with Saudi Geological Survey, as well as developing the sterilization system of Zamzam water and integrating the systems of control inside the Haram.

• Under presidency rules no food, drinks or bags can be taken inside the Holy Mosques. It also asked pilgrims not to use Zamzam water for ablution or sleep inside the Haram. They should dispose of garbage in the special bins provided.

The presidency provides services that enable pilgrims to perform the Haj rituals in ease and comfort.

Pilgrims can give feedback by fax: 02 573 9992 or online:

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