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Thu, 2010-07-15 02:18

The name of the teacher and the school where she worked is being withheld to protect the woman’s privacy.
When contacted by Arab News for details, the case officer at the embassy said he would return the call, but he never did.
According to the woman, who spoke to Arab News, the man who allegedly raped her was the father of a student at the school where she worked since July 2009 until two weeks ago when she resigned to return to the Philippines.
“Later, he would visit me, asking about his child’s academic performance, until he began disclosing information about his personal life, including the fact that he had been separated from his wife,” she said.
On her birthday in October, the man insisted on giving her a gift (she didn’t say what it was) even after she protested.
“He insisted,” she said, “saying that it was without malice and a way to show gratitude for my being a good listener.”
Then he asked her to provide his son private lessons in Riyadh’s Mather district. The first time she went to the home nothing untoward took place; she taught the boy and left with no problems.
However, the second session appeared to be more of a date with the father rather than a teaching job for the son. When she arrived, the boy was nowhere to be seen.
“He prepared a snack,” she said. “Then after that, he took pictures of me. Then he sat down beside me on the sofa and put his arms around my neck. I fought back and he struck me on my left ear. I felt dizzy and  he asked me to drink water. He might have put a sleeping tablet in the glass because  after that I passed out. During that time, he poured cold water on me,” she said.
She said she awoke wet and nude.
The man reportedly told her not to tell anyone what had happened and that he would find her two daughters the next time he was in the Philippines and rape them if she spoke to anyone about what had transpired. The man then took her home at about 10 p.m.
She said she called her husband in the Philippines and told him what happened. He said she should return to the Philippines and back to her old teaching job. But before she leaves, she said she wants justice.
“Before I go home I want him to be put in jail,” she said.
To add insult to injury, she said the man has posted photos of her online. Filipinos who claim to know the suspect told Arab News that two years ago he also posted nude pictures of a previous rape victim on the Internet.
“As result, the teacher had to go home. It also caused the alleged separation between her and her husband,” a Filipino, who requested anonymity, told Arab News.

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