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Tue, 2010-07-27 01:22

Al-Raqib said the new system would improve the Kingdom’s traffic situation by reducing the number of accidents, organizing the smooth movement of traffic, and facilitating the implementation of traffic laws.
“It will also ensure the safety of road users,” he said.
“We have already identified the places to set up monitoring cameras in association with the municipality and the police… The new electronic system will monitor traffic violations … There will be fixed and mobile cameras to monitor violations,” he said.
He said the cameras will take pictures of the number plates of cars that violate traffic laws. “We will start implementing the system in Jeddah after installing cameras on main roads,” he said.
Saher has already been introduced in Riyadh.
Statistics released by the traffic directorate indicate that two million accidents took place in the Kingdom during the past five years, resulting in 30,000 deaths and 177,000 injuries.
Traffic police in Riyadh confirmed that after implementing Saher, the city saw a drop in the number of accidents. The average number of injuries resulting from traffic accidents also saw a decrease.
An awareness campaign about Saher was launched in Jeddah several months ago. The campaign focused on road safety, vehicle safety, driving morals and relations between motorists and the traffic police.
Al-Raqib also called on people to update their data at the Ministry of Interior’s website Updating information will help the police immediately inform drivers of violations.

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