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Wed, 2011-03-23 02:13

Dr. Adnan Fadeq says the convoy returned to Kuwait on Monday after being told it could not cross from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, which is under martial law after more than a month of anti-government protests.
Fadeq says no reason was given for the denial of permission to the convoy, which included 53 medical personnel and 21 ambulances. Bahraini authorities also have not commented.
A Saudi-led GCC force is in Bahrain aiding the government.
Meanwhile, dozens of mourners gathered in Bahrain’s capital on Tuesday to bury a woman who witnesses say died at the hands of the country’s military shortly after emergency rule was imposed last week.
Bahrain descended into turmoil last month as opposition groups took to the streets of the capital Manama to call for greater political reforms. The tiny island nation plays host to the US Navy's 5th Fleet, and its rulers maintain close ties to Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations.
Bahia Al-Aradi, 51, was driving on a main road in Manama looking for gasoline when she was shot in the head last Wednesday as she approached a military checkpoint, according to witnesses who came to her aid from nearby houses. They said they were also shot at allegedly by the military vehicles parked on a highway overpass.
The woman's brother, Habib Al-Aradi, 36, said Bahia was on the phone with her younger sister when she was shot. The sister heard gunshots before the line went silent.
He said the family was told they were able to pick up Al-Aradi's body from the main civilian hospital, Salmaniya, only this week.

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