'Infernal Affairs’ director tries hand at romance

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Author: Associated Press

Tuesday 12 April 2011

HONG KONG: He is best known in Chinese and Western cinema for sleekly shot gangster thrillers like the “Young and Dangerous” series and “Infernal Affairs” trilogy.

But Hong Kong director Andrew Lau says he has left his comfort zone with a brooding romance about a Hong Kong woman and an ailing mainland Chinese police officer. “A Beautiful Life,” which will be released in China next month, represents a clear break from his fast-paced, visually dynamic work of the past, Lau told The Associated Press on Sunday.
Lau has largely stuck to the genre since the huge success of “Infernal Affairs.” The first installment was remade by Martin Scorsese as the 2006 thriller “The Departed,” which earned the American filmmaker his first best director Oscar.

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