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It is not only the attractive, colorful, well-built, foreign facet that catches the eye of the connoisseur of cars, but anything out of the ordinary that brings out their best in controlling the well-heeled beast on the road to a high rush is what is the puller to these mean machines desires.
Ironically, if one expects in a land of the machismo, that it is the men who top the list as owners of these exotic cars, then you have another guess coming. According to the manager of Techno Speed Company it is the Saudi women who own 30 percent of sport cars in the Kingdom.
Why so? Especially when she cannot drive in the Kingdom. The reason is that the fairer sex too gets the push of the adrenaline rush while allowing them the freedom to take control. And they do it mainly when they are abroad.
The thrill is all in the skill of driving and the passion drives you to own it (the special car), says Mariam Shah, a 23-year-old writer in Jeddah. She believes being able to calculate control and actively use your senses to control a car beats any pleasure. “I just love the adrenaline rush.”
Rakshanda Husain, a 23-year-old who is disappointed that women cannot drive in Saudi Arabia, hopes it would change soon. “Driving, for me, is a passion. It is empowering and an all-time high. It is disheartening that I can only pursue it when I travel abroad.”
Exotic cars are crucially subjective. It is not necessary that only the upwardly mobile are the ones plumping or pimping a ride.
Girls are often branded as the ones shying away from road rage and car racing sports because they are intense, but this is just a figment of the men’s imagination. Apart from they being partial to car sports, even drifting and various types of car racing have piqued their curiosity for a while now. Intrigued?
Arab News interviewed a group of elegant ladies, remarkably informed and proud car aficionados. The novelty of owning an exotic dream machine is unthinkable.
Girls looking for adventure believe this can be achieved in a Wrangler Jeep. “I want one with full options. It is probably the most commanding machine you can take off the road for a rocky excursion or into the wild for adventure and live emancipation,” Mariam Shah added. She believes a car is an extension of one’s personality. “You drive what you are. I love the wild and adventure. I choose the Jeep.”
Sitting in the lap of luxury, women deem the experience as traveling with their car as their best friend. Soaring to a speed and arriving at a destination only we know, describes the pioneering desirability for cars.
Rabiya Talha, 26-year-old, loves doing the interiors, with a pimped up sound system and metal rims for the wheels. “You can get away with ostentatious and flaming colors on a super car rather than an average family car. The Escalade is such a ghetto car, except you can pimp it up and be the talk of town.”
Shareen Koleth believes it is the best place to be stress-free. “One of my dream cars is LX570.”
Zara Hussein, 33-year-old, said, “It is all about the speed, the thrill and the recognition you receive at any spot in town. They always let you park upfront if you have a Lamborghini. People judge by appearance. So if you have it, flaunt it.”
Charu Singh, 24-year-old, said she would love to drive a SUV, preferably the X6 simply because “it makes you feel so fly- like a G6. It is simpler, cooler and gangster-like.”
While, Nidhi Jha, 23-year-old, welcomed that stir of emotions brought by ultimate freedom while driving, saying “it is unmatched. It gets me wherever I want to go whenever I want to go, and to do whatever I want to do — my way. It is her way on the highway.”
Reverie transpires into reality in the shape of our dream cars. The top ten most wanted and sought-after on the list of exotica are:
it is the untouchable. And if you have one, we believe you are too. Like Lil Wayne and Chris Brown if it were true and we could “transform” ourselves into a Bugatti, we would. It is the most expensive urban car in the world, priced at $1,600,000. The Super Sport version is the fastest road-legal car in the world, at about 431.07 km/h.
Heard of castles in the sky? If sophistication were injurious, this would kill. The Royals would know.
This one wins your heart, mind and soul. It is one of those trance-like vehicles that spur our imagination to what is beyond the lateral thinking.
Defined justice to supremacy. Magnetic looks, riveting control and thrilling speed. A high performance GT sports car, it is a complete package- with ultimate looks and performance.
A Lamborghini has been a fantasy. The car is named after a famous breed of fighting bull. It can set the road ablaze with defiant stares.
A Ferrari is a fabulous sport car that is a superstar. It is synonymous with brilliance, speed and F1 racing. In a moment you can miss the magic, but who can afford to. Primal and sophisticated, a Ferrari is every girl’s first love, that mysteriously remains.
Is a vision. Can’t stop staring? No, we understand. It is an eye-catcher and if you are lucky then a dream catcher. With the crown up, it will accomplish a top speed of 314 kilometers per hour. Bentley eludes an aura of mystique, regal beauty and the GTC convertible is purely ecstatic.
Is a feature in most eminent songs of the era by artists, such as Baby Bash and T-pain. Grancabrio is a convertible version of GranTurismo S Automatic with a canvas roof powered by 4.7-liter 440 PS. Like magic on wheels, girls named it the Tsunami-Maserati.
Beauty redefined. They love the doors and the exclusivity only a SLR offers. SLR used AMG SPEEDSHIFT R the 5-speed automatic transmission with 3 manual modes. SLR stands for "Sport, Leicht, Rennsport" (sport, light, racing). Speed can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in a few 3.2 seconds.
Everyone loves a beamer. Kylie Minogue and Taio Cruz take it higher in a 7-series in their music video. It is a 7-star treatment in a sedan that is stretched into a limousine with momentum.
An élan for cars is a growing passion and pervasive in a woman’s mind. And women, along with men, are up there on the road while transferring their dreams by riding the machines of their choice. Some exotic, some not so exotic, but it is their rage on the road.
R8 — J'veux etre avec toi. (I want to be with you.)

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