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Wed, 2011-05-18 19:37

Nafoura restaurant located within Park Hyatt presents flavors of Lebanon for the food aficionados. The ceremony kicked off on May 15 with chief guest Ghassan Al Mualem, the Lebanese Consul General, with sponsorship by Qatar Airways. Nafoura, located mystically next to Jeddah’s grandeur fountain, resembles exuberance and peace. The modish yet extravagant restaurant at Park Hyatt is celebrating its culinary art and regime by absorbing delights of the Levant region in collaboration with “Flavors of Lebanon.”
The concoction of tradition and Lebanese culture are epitomized in food delicacies. “Arabs and most of Jeddawis love Lebanese food, so we thought we should try and offer them the best of Lebanon,” Asif Raza, Director of Sales and Marketing, told Arab News.
On a journey of aromatic treasure of herbs, breads, fresh vegetables, tender meat grilled live to your tastes infused with special spices; Nafoura presents an array of Lebanese cuisine. Ideal chefs from Lebanon, Chef Fouad Hamka and Habib Al Mualem, are catering the authentic Lebanese cuisine with perfection. These maestro chefs will facilitate your dining experience and grant basic knowledge and revolution to Lebanese cuisine.
Nafoura’s business lunch menu compromises of appetizers, which are a selection of Lebanese olives, salads and cheeses. Main courses include: Lebanese mixed grill platter, lamb chop, lamb kafta, shish taouk, lamb liver and shish kebab served with oriental rice and garlic sauce. Others include: pan-seared hamour fillet with oriental rice, green bean stew and lemon wedges and eggplant moussaka (oven-baked eggplant, potatoes, chick peas and mix vegetables cooked with tomato sauce and topped with Kashkawan cheese). Desserts are a classic treat and include Lebanese sweet pastry filled with fig and almond jam and sprinkled with pistachio, as well as other tarts and caramelized desserts.
With the Lebanese food festival running until May 27, Park Hyatt is offering an exclusive and luxurious spread every day during the promotion.
The first night had its own conventional menu varieties. A selection of Lebanese meze included tabouleh, fatoush, rocka with mushroom, rijlah with beets roots and feta, hummus, moutabal, baba ghanouj, moutabal samak, waraq enab, humus beyrouti, khiyar bi laban, fasouliah bil zeit, mousakaa beytinjan, foul akhdar, moudardara, loubiah bil zit, and zestful batata harra bil kouzbara. Assorted Lebanese cheeses with olives included facets of jibneh baladi, halloum, naboulsia and majdooleh, green and black olives, zaytoun halabi, pickles and makdous.
Assorted mourabah (jams) like mourabah el frez (strawberry jam) had many more complimentary apprentices. A selection of hot meze was served on tables upon guest arrival and included: meat kibbeh, cheese rolls, spinach pies, meat samboussek, falafel bil tahineh.
The raw juice bar offers fresh juices, which included: riman (pomegranate), jallab bil snobar, orange, strawberry, and tamer hindi. They offered two kinds of soup: lentil soup with pita chips and lemon and delicious chicken soup.
Main courses included chicken rotisserie with oriental rice and mixed nuts (uzi), fish sayadieh and kibbeh labaniyeh (kibbeh with yogurt). Nafoura’s live outside charcoal BBQ station served assorted Lebanese mixed grill including: beef kabab, shish taouk, dajaj bil zabadi (chicken with yogurt), plain kafta (meat balls), kafta bil chatta (kafta with hot sauce), kabab halabi, sujuk and makanek (sausage). Nafoura also serves fried fresh seafood daily such as Sultan Ibrahim, Hamour, Shoour and shrimp. A selection of assorted Lebanese breads was presented alongside the main courses, including pita bread, kaak bil simsim (sesame) and khoubz bil tamr (bread with date).
Dessert included fresh cut-up fruits and assorted Lebanese sweets such as layali libnan, halawet al jibn, esh el saraya, madloa bil foustouk, knafeh with ashta, awama zonod al set, asab zainab and assorted baklawas and maamoul bil tamer (date biscuits).
Nafoura offers a dynamic menu based on organic seasonal tastes that cater to your needs of fine dining experience. They keep it authentic, refined and sophistiqué.
Sahtayn (bon appétit).



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