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Tue, 2011-09-13 01:38

The four were hiding in a private enclosure in Riyadh, and they had three stolen cars when police raided the location.
Police received information about suspicious activity in the private enclosure, which was rented by the young men three days earlier, in Al-Hazem neighborhood in the south of Riyadh. The youths were using the location to hide cars they stole.
Police began monitoring the location, and when the suspicions were confirmed, they moved in to make the arrests.
The suspects tried to escape from the location, but police had cordoned off the area. Police found three stolen cars inside the enclosure. The thieves had changed the number plates and tried to change the color of the cars to avoid capture.
When searching the hideout, police also found liquor bottles ready for distribution.
Police had received a number of complaints about car thefts from residents.
The gang was using different methods to steal cars, such as hitting the victim's car from the rear. When the owner leaves the car to inspect the damage, one of them would jump in and drive away.
The gang also stole cars of drivers who leave their vehicles with engines running to buy things from roadside stores.

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