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Sat, 2012-01-28 00:16

Media personnel toured the center to be acquainted with these unique and amazing solutions that have no parallel in the region.
They were briefed on the center’s potential and capacity to serve business and entrepreneur sector, namely, throughout the Kingdom.
The center is unique, too, in providing customers, individuals and institutions, alike, with sophisticated information technology and service, to meet their demands and to keep pace with their expectations. 
It is also considered to be among the leading ones in the world, a fact that sustained it a tier4 which is the highest in the ratings of the world famous Uptime Institute, a ratings agency for data centers.
Mohammed Al-Jasser, vice-president for enterprise, told the media personnel that the center has amazing features and runs world-class services to help customers benefit from an integrated infrastructure of telecommunications and information technology.
The center is monitored around the hour, he said, adding that it promises accuracy and excellence.
Al-Jasser said the center was of great appeal to the visitors, individuals as well as institutions due to the well-established reliability of STC.
The rationale behind this center is to provide customers with technological solutions to guarantee an integrated communication environment, he said.
He said a specialist team at the center assists customers in addition to the STC back-up through utilizing its resources, technical and human, in collaboration with its local as well as world partners, to achieve more success.
STC Jeddah-based Data Center is fully equipped to tackle any forthcoming infrastructure challenge that may face any firm, Al-Jasser said.
The center serves all sectors and energy, real-estate, communication and media, banks and other businesses, in as many as scores of different sectors in the Kingdom, Al-Jasser said.

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