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Mon, 2012-02-06 00:28

Zain will honor the winners of the last round of its competition at the event.
The name of the property winner (grand prize) will also be announced there, said a press release.
The company congratulated the winners of all previous 14 rounds, wishing them continued success with the best choice they have chosen for their communications — Zain KSA. More than 100 people won prizes.
Zain KSA has achieved significant success in the campaign launched by the middle of last October and lasted for more than three months. The company distributed 14 Range Rover 2011 cars in addition to the distribution of 85 diamonds.
The grand prize of the campaign will be a real estate property worth SR1 million to be handed over to the winner in the region where they live.
The company indicated that it, through "Amani Zain" campaign, sought to establish ongoing communication with its customers, listen to their feedback, and meet their desires.
Zain KSA believes in the importance of customer; keeping them on top of its concerns, and considers them as partners of its success.
On the other hand, a number of winners expressed their gratitude and thanks to "Zain Saudi Arabia" which is always keen to introduce different campaigns and contests with high-value prizes to its respected customers.

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