Riyadh: Ghazanfar Ali Khan
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Sat, 2012-03-17 02:01

The Modern MEIS will provide daily instruction in grades nursery to VIII standard in different content areas including language, mathematics, science, arts and social studies. "The aim of the school management is to provide a secure, caring and enjoyable environment for students, where every student is encouraged and supported to achieve his/her maximum potential," said Tabassum Farooqi, MEIS principal, while announcing the opening of the new school branch, here yesterday.
The new branch — with a boys' wing and a girls' wing with separate entrances — is located on Khuraish Road in Rawdah III district of Riyadh. Farooqi, who will also be the principal of Modern MEIS, said that the new school had spacious classrooms, wide corridors, and a school canteen. "The school has a newly established ICT computer laboratory", said the principal, adding that the school's faculty and staff remain ready to engage with students as a professional learning community.
"Our teachers are trained to meet the social, emotional and cognitive needs of all students to foster excellence in academic achievement," said Farooqi.
Asked about the intake of the students, Farooqi said the Modern MEIS will offer curriculums of the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The admissions are currently in "full swing" with plans to hold classes from April 3. "We will be happy to accommodate a large number of students during the current session," said Farooqi. She pointed out that an "Open House" will be held on March 22 to enable the students and parents to see the facilities of the school themselves and to interact with the faculty and administrators before admission of their wards.
Farooqi said that every minute detail has been taken care of in the school building with a view to provide comfortable atmosphere to the students. The school furniture has been designed in a scientific way to suit various student age groups and the dimension of the classrooms, she noted. The school also has a well-quipped science laboratory, a rich library and a medical clinic besides a daycare facility with a professional nurse.
This is in addition to a playground, a basketball court and all other related facilities as per international standards. Referring to the excellent educational environment for which the old school MEIS has made its name, the principal said that the new Modern MEIS will comply with same parameters of quality education. Established in 1998, the MEIS is an international school with a cumulative enrolment of over 3,500 students in its old campus in Sulaimania district of Riyadh. The school has its own fleet of buses to transport students and staff from home to school and back.

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