Riyadh: Abdul Hannan Tago
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Thu, 2012-04-12 02:54

He visited the inauguration of the environment rehabilitation project, which was also attended by Mayor of Riyadh Dr. Abdulaziz Ayyaf and other high-ranking officials.
Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Sultan , member of the commission and president of its projects and planning center, briefed Prince Sattam on the two projects.
The Gov. unveiled the plaque of the two projects and saw the primary designs of Prince Sattam Park that will be built under the flyover in Wadi Laban and other designs.
Later, Prince Sattam conducted an inspection tour of the two projects, including the Sad Namar Lake and the infrastructure services, landscaping and other equipment.
Al-Sultan stated the Wadi Namar rehabilitation project included smoothing flood valleys and other elements that will provide the projects with necessary infrastructure and services. He added the same thing took place at the Wadi Laban rehabilitation project.
The governor was briefed on all the designs for the projects, including the Hayer lakes. Artificial islands were established inside those lakes in addition to water canals. These lakes will be converted into one of the biggest open rural parks in the capital.

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