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Saudi Arabia

Shoura wants preachers to keep up with social changes

RIYADH: Imams should have their full responsibility over the selection of their Friday sermons in a way that suits the community, said Dr. Azab bin Saeed Aal Misbel, member, Committee of Islamic and Judicial Affairs branch in the Shoura Council.
The sermons should take into account the social changes and events in Saudi Arabia and be seen as an awareness messages for the new generation to protect them.”
He said certain imams were engaged in doing ijtihad in their mosques, which must stop.
In this regard, he said, “the Ministry of Islamic Affairs need to increase their role in studying the Friday sermons.”
This will let them know who they should spend their time with and will show them the appropriate paths forward,” he said.
He said: “The Umma that does not take care of youths will lose a great treasure. Therefore, we should advise them to be committed to God and to the nation in order that they will be beneficial for the future of our society.”
Aal Misbel also called on the ministry to coordinate with the Education Ministry as well as the Youth and Sports Council to confront extremism.
He said Saudi Arabia and all of its institutions have been concerned for a long time with the protection of youth.

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