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Women’s percentage in higher jobs to be increased

The Ministry of Civil Service will increase the percentage of women employed in higher positions. (SPA)

MAKKAH: The Ministry of Civil Service will increase the percentage of women employed in higher positions, as represented by grade 11, from current 1.27 percent to 5 percent by 2020, which is four times the current percentage.
As part of the National Transformation Program (NTP), the ministry has set five strategic goals in addition to 8 initiatives worth SR751.8 million, according to local media.
The ministry has planned all this to take part in the implementation of the NTP, as have other ministries and government agencies embarked on this path after the earlier announcement of the program. The program also includes restructuring of employment, and improvement of government performance, in general, along with transparency.
Among the ministry’s objectives and initiatives, as part of the program, are ending disparity in salaries and allowances in the civil service sectors; improvement of the work culture; customer satisfaction levels; an increase in spending on salaries and allowances; as well as improving the level of strategic partnerships between the ministry, other government agencies and the private sector.
The ministry will undertake many initiatives for implementation of the NTP and Vision 2030 by increasing the performance of human resources with a cost of SR80.1 million; restructuring government jobs in the civil service at a cost of SR52 million; ending disparity in salaries at a cost of SR25 million; setting of an information center for civil service with a cost of SR239.7 million; creating a stimulating work environment with SR227.8 million; and activation of a remote work culture with increased participation of women with SR33.1 million.

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