‘Zakat can be used for medical treatment’

Abdullah Al-Mutlaq. (SPA)
Updated 03 July 2016

‘Zakat can be used for medical treatment’

RIYADH: Abdullah Al-Mutlaq, a top scholar, said that Zakat can be used for the medical treatment of the poor, including purchase of medicines and other operational costs.
Al-Mutlaq, who is also adviser at the Royal Court, made his observation at an event hosted by the Zamzam Association for Health Services, a charitable organization based in the Makkah region. Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Asheikh, who is head of the senior scholars and the Department of Scientific Research and Ifta, was among those present.
According to Al-Mutlaq, there are multiple needs of the poor such as food, clothing, housing, medical treatment, marriage, education and job training. The cost of providing these services can be met from Zakat imposed by the Almighty Allah from the rich for the benefit of the poor in line with the teachings of Islam.
He added: “The importance of medical treatment for saving a person’s life is well known. Giving alms to help the poor falls into the same category.”
On his part, the grand mufti said that the Zamzam foundation has been providing great services to the people, and it deserves encouragement and moral support, both material and financial, in order to implement its aims to the fullest.
Al-Asheikh added: “Such a deed is among the best acts of worship.”
The Zamzam Association, based in the Makkah region, seeks to provide health service to the public in the region, and has set itself a vision which is seeking to be a model for leading health care charities and voluntary organizations. Its range of activities include maternal and child care; a mobile clinic program; charitable treatment; a program of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals charitable program; medical convoys; and outreach programs.

UAE celebrates Saudi National Day

Updated 23 September 2018

UAE celebrates Saudi National Day

DUBAI: The celebratory mood to mark Saudi Arabia’s 88th National Day has reached as far as New York, with Nasdaq displaying images of the Kingdom’s rulers at its tower on Times Square in New York while Dubai carrier Emirates is pulling out all the stops to join in the festivities.

The Dubai airline operated a special one-off A380 service, known as EK 813 and EK 814, on Sunday to the capital city of Riyadh, touching down at King Khalid International Airport at 3:30pm. The return flight was scheduled to depart at 6:50pm.

A YouTube video from Emirates also showed crew handing out scarves embroidered with the countries’ flags, as well as white roses, to passengers while boarding the A380 aircraft.


Nasdaq Dubai, the UAE-based operations of the New York equities exchange, posted: “Best wishes from #NasdaqDubai to #SaudiArabia on the occasion of the 88th National day” in its Twitter account, along with photos containing images of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed being projected on a huge electronic billboard. A separate tweet also showed an 11-second video with the merged UAE and Saudi Arabian flags fluttering on the billboard.



Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, will be illuminated in the national flag of Saudi Arabia, in a display of friendship between the UAE and its Gulf neighbor.

In the UAE’s capital, the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police decorated 88 of their cars – one for every year being celebrated – with the flags of Saudi Arabia and the UAE and the words “Together Forever.”

Meanwhile, Etihad Airways’ Wesam Sameer Al-Najjar, the only Saudi National A380 pilot in the world, together with Captain Ahmed Almalood from the UAE, flew the A380 Year of Zayed aircraft to Jeddah for a special one-off service to mark the event.