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British media deride Gulf tourists’ show-off

In this Jan 10, 2016 photo, shoppers and tourists walk past the 100 Club on Oxford Street in London. (AP)
JEDDAH: Arab tourists spending their summer in Europe, especially those in London, have again made headlines in British newspapers for their ridiculously lavish spending habits.
The British Mail Online reported that Arabs spend more than 4.5 million euros in various areas, from shopping and renting luxury cars, to visiting museums and other tourist activities.
The average daily spending of a GCC national is twice as high as the daily spending of a French or Australian or German tourist.
According to the British newspaper the Mirror, Britons got used to seeing more luxury cars a few weeks before Eid Al-Fitr, when Arabs arrive in Britain for holiday.
Those who rent car parks make vast sums of money from Arabs during their visits; the lowest parking fee in London is 4.5 euros per hour.
The Independent criticized luxury cars owners who violate traffic rules while they spend their summer vacation in London.
Many drivers park in undesignated spots, and pay 350 euros fine, said the paper, adding that such fines are nothing to owners of these luxury cars valued at over a million riyals each.
The Metro newspaper reported that Arabs vacationing in Europe during the summer display opulence and are ostentatious, even when they are not necessarily wealthy, but only show off.
The paper said that many Arab tourists believe their behavior will draw public attention to them, failing to recognize that it only helps some take advantage of them.

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