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Saudi Arabia

2.5 million expats earn SR500 or less a month

Cleaners account for a big portion of expatriates in the kingdom receiving very low pay.
RIYADH: Over 2.5 million expatriates earn SR500 or less per month, while nearly 300,000 expats get between SR500 and SR1,000.
The total number of expats earning less than SR1,000 is nearly 5 million, says a report.
The report, issued by the General Organization for Social Insurance for 1436 H, indicates that 34,351 Saudi employees registered with the social security earn less than SR2,000 per month, while 111,694 Saudi employees make less than SR2,500 per month and 16,779 of them SR3,000 or less.
Over 250,000 Saudi employees earn SR10,000 or more per month, while around 230,000 non-Saudis earn the same amount or more monthly.

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