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Amnesty, HRW offend Saudi Arabia with selective, misleading reports

RIYADH: Human Rights Watch has returned to its old ways, once again accusing the Arab Coalition in Yemen of committing human rights violations and atrocities in Yemen.
This accusation was made in March 26, 2015, after the Kingdom and its allies formed the coalition to fight to restore legitimacy in Yemen, in order to protect 24 million Yemeni citizens from Houthi militias, and reinstate the legitimate government of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.
Since its launch, the coalition has been keen on ensuring the accuracy of all its military strikes against the rebels and to minimize the hardships of war on the Yemeni people, a war imposed on them by Saleh and his Houthi rebels.
In contrast, the rebels have attacked and laid siege to civilians with no respect for international humanitarian laws or the principles of the Geneva conventions, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention concerning protection of civilians during war.
Just as difficult as it is to predict the commitment of rogue groups to international laws and agreements it is to expect the neutrality of international organizations like Human Rights Watch and others at different time.
In the past, these organizations made false claims about the Arab Coalition in Yemen by relying on information from unknown sources or sources that proved to favour the rebels.
These organizations often ignore the truth and focus instead on cases the coalition says it is investigating to ensure that the rights of civilians are protected, while rebels commit mass atrocities against civilians in cities under their control.
Unlike the Houthi rebels and other military groups in Syria and Iraq that rely on lies, sieges, starvation and killing tactics, the Arab Coalition in Yemen has been working with upmost transparency and providing constant humanitarian assistance.
Nonetheless, the Kingdom, as the leader of the coalition, has been targeted by international human rights monitors like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, which rely on inaccurate press reports and social media photos to make claims about violations of civilians’ rights.
Such allegations raise questions about the motivations of these organizations that target the Kingdom and the Arab coalition. It also raises questions about the kind of people working for these organizations around the world and their orientations.
However, the Kingdom's strong economic and political standing will not be jeopardized by such organizations as long as it continues to use transparency and accuracy, especially when knowing its great reputation when it comes to providing humanitarian assistance.

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