EP beggars hauled up in hundreds

A woman sits and begs outside a supermarket on a main street in the Saudi capital Riyadh, in this June 20, 2016 photo. (AFP)
Updated 07 September 2016

EP beggars hauled up in hundreds

RIYADH: At least 2,000 beggars, including women and children, were arrested in the Eastern Province, 80 percent of whom were found to be foreigners, according to Col. Ziad Al-Raqiti, police spokesman.
“The largest percentage of those arrested were women (54 percent), followed by children (29 percent) and men (17 percent),” Al-Raqiti said.
He said the arrests were carried out after field surveys to monitor the time and place of the beggars’ operations, with the participation of representatives from the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.
“Aside from pursuing follow-up cases, police also visited road intersections, mosques and markets in various parts of the region to look for the beggars,” he said.
He said that police were also seeking the cooperation of citizens and residents regarding the places where the beggars can be found. He added that aside from apprehending beggars, the police are also involved in other cases in the region, such as the case involving a video that went viral.
“The video involved three young men riding motorcycles with only a helmet and underwear. It was a cause for public scandal,” he said.
He said the police were able to identify the young men within hours of the circulation of the video through public cooperation.
“They were arrested and scheduled to go on trial in a few days. All three were Saudis in their 30s. They were violating the national dress code which is based on Islamic law,” he said.
He added that police were also involved in the case of a Saudi teenager who jumped out of a moving taxi in Dammam to avoid harassment by its Asian driver.
“The girl emerged unhurt after opening the door and jumping out of the moving taxi on a busy road,” he said.

SAMI and French Naval sign MoU

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SAMI and French Naval sign MoU

  • SAMI is expected to create 5,000 new jobs
  • Saudi plans to nationalize 50% of its military spending for Vision 2030

DUBAI: State-owned Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) and France’s Naval Group signed a memorandum of understanding Sunday, said Al-Arabiya.

Reuters said Paris and Riyadh agreed to manufacture warships, frigates, and submarines in Saudi, Al-Arabiya added.

The parties also agreed to produce and develop naval systems.

The Saudi 2030 Vision is highly reliant on the contribution of SAMI to the GDP. According to the vision, the plan is to nationalize 50% of the military spending, and increase the contribution of the private sector to the GDP by 40-65%.

Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia expects SAMI to contribute almost $240 million to the national GDP by 2020, and to create 5,000 new jobs.

SAMI is set to become one of the top 25 manufacturers in the military industry globally, combining latest technologies and best expertise to produce military equipment according to international standards and aid the development of the Saudi army.

The company’s strategy is based on implementing best practices from extensive studies in the industry, and collaborating with national and international partners.

SAMI designed their areas of operation to increase profitability and nationalization of the industry.