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Random barbers cause injury as they cater to pilgrims in Mina

RIGHT AND PROPER: Some pilgrims went on to pay SR10 to get an haircut laden with risks instead of paying around SR30 for a proper shave.

MINA: Whether they are bleeding from their heads down to their necks or not, for pilgrims this really did not matter much; the only thing that mattered was to get their ihram properly after God the Almighty blessed them with standing on Arafat on Sunday, and to stone the Jamrat (throwing pebbles on the devil).
A great number of pilgrims just surrendered their heads, even to the least qualified of barbers, applying the famous Arab proverb “learn how to become a good barber by cutting the hair of the orphans.”
A group of people, who in fact deserve to be described as butchers, carry their razors in black suitcases and set up their locations away from supervision and the eyes of the municipal controls, to learn how to become barbers and begin practicing the profession on pilgrims’ heads using shaving razors from unknown sources, and without any regard to the cuts they might cause on pilgrims’ heads.
Their main objective is to get their hands on money, disregarding any health and environmental standards.
One Haji named Osman Abu Bakar, who actually bowed his head to such butchers, refused to talk about why he was trapped into this random haircutting process, but noted that waiting or looking for a qualified barber would take a longer time.
Meanwhile, a barber called Haroun Issa who was wearing ihram clothes so that he would not be discovered was so busy chatting with other pilgrims that he actually made serious cuts in the head of his customer. He did not care, just grabbed his payment and left the Haji bleeding, then moved to another location to offer his services saying “come quickly and hurry.”
The market for random barbers in Mina was active and several barbers were busy working on the heads of Asian and African pilgrims who preferred to pay SR10 to get a haircut laden with risks, instead of waiting and paying around SR30 for a proper shave.
A number of doctors earlier warned against the random practices of barbers after scientific studies confirmed that such practices are one of the causes behind hepatitis and AIDS, especially because of using the same shaving tools and razor on more than one head.

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