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Saudi Arabia

Haj Ministry prepares for opening of Umrah season

Mohammed Salih Bentin
JEDDAH: Minister of Haj and Umrah Mohammed Salih Bentin announced that the ministry has started preparing for next Umrah season 1438 AH, and planning for the next pilgrimage season.

Bentin explained that the work has not stopped with the end of this year’s outstanding successful pilgrimage season, which was appreciated by pilgrims from all over the world, thanks to the integrated efforts exerted by various actors in the Haj system.
He said in a press statement, after sponsorship of the annual ceremony for heads and members of pilgrim affairs offices, guests of the major pilgrimage symposium, in addition to winners of the ministry’s media award, that the ministry’s system relies on enhancing the positives and converting the negatives, if monitored, into opportunities.
He also stressed that “The ministry systematically designs plans for next year and directs staff to work hard to serve the pilgrims, achieve record performance levels and making use of human, material and technical capacities to meet the aspirations of the Saudi government to facilitate rituals for the pilgrims of Haj and Umrah.”
Bentin expressed his pride on what he heard from the ministers of Arab and Islamic countries through their sincere comments that emphasized that Saudi Arabia is continuing to serve the pilgrims from different countries.
The minister appreciated the role played by the media, which is highlighting the efforts of the Kingdom during the pilgrimage, in addition to the endless possibilities offered by the government, in order to strengthen the pilgrimage system and to highlight the care for visitors of the House of God to easily and conveniently perform Haj.

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