Outrage over video of 85-year-old man’s marriage to 15-year-old

Updated 01 October 2016

Outrage over video of 85-year-old man’s marriage to 15-year-old

JEDDAH: An online video showing the wedding party of 85-year-old groom and 15-year-old bride went viral on Thursday and attracted many reactions on the social networking site Twitter.
The person who uploaded the video said that the husband, named Sulaiman Al-Rashidi, is 85 years old and the bride is just 15. He pointed out that the wedding party was a traditional simple one, and that the guests paid the costs of the party.
However, many Twitter users shared a tweet by Rashidi’s son that his father is 74 years old and his bride is 37 years old, not a minor.
“Anyone marrying a minor to another person, or anyone getting married to a minor girl should be punished, imprisoned or pay a fine,” Tareq Al-Omary tweeted.
“Just one of many painful examples of exploiting women; he is 70 years her senior,” Halima Muzaffar wrote on her Twitter page.
Ahmed Al-Hashimi tweeted, “They have sentenced you to death. I wonder what he will call you: A daughter or a servant.”
Heba Mubarak said the video is the modern image of female infanticide in the twenty-first century.

First group of Sri Lankan Muslims begin Hajj journey

Updated 17 July 2019

First group of Sri Lankan Muslims begin Hajj journey

  • 4,000 to partake in this year’s pilgrimage after Saudi Arabia increased quota

COLOMBO: Nearly 180 Sri Lankan Hajj pilgrims left for Saudi Arabia on Monday night, but not before thanking the Kingdom for the comprehensive facilities offered to them.

Mohamed Hashim Mohamed Haleem, Sri Lanka’s minister of postal services and Muslim religious affairs, said that this year’s issuing of Hajj visas was smooth due to the new e-Hajj services introduced by the Saudi government. 

“We were able to process all 4,000 Hajj visas efficiently. All of them were issued well in time,” Haleem said.

He added that officials from his ministry will be available at the airport to assist the pilgrims with their departures.

The minister said the flights of pilgrims this year will be ferried by both Saudi Arabian Airlines and Sri Lankan Airlines. Haleem, who intends to participate in this year’s Hajj, said that the last flight of Sri Lankan pilgrims will leave Colombo on Aug. 7.

Sajjath Mohammed, a journalist from Madawala News, praised the e-Hajj service, saying: “The biometric services for the visas were available to pilgrims in Kandy and Batticaloa in addition to Colombo, the capital of the island.”

Rizmi Reyal, president of the International Airline Ticketing Academy in Sri Lanka, said that this year the Hajj services from Colombo have been enhanced to give a better experience to the pilgrims. He thanked the Saudi government, the Muslim Religious Affairs Ministry in Colombo, the Saudi Embassy in Colombo and the Sri Lankan Embassy in Riyadh for playing their part in these improvements.

The Sri Lankan government will also send a medical team to attend to any urgent needs of the pilgrims before they are taken to the nearest medical facilities in the two holy cities.