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Obama must stop Israel

This is in response to the column, “Time to earn that Nobel, Mr. President!” by Aijaz Z. Syed. As a US citizen, I agree, that President Obama should do all in his power to stop Israel. When I was young, I was indoctrinated and even signed up to the US Marine Corps but quickly opened my eyes to see the truth. The American military-industry complex doesn’t fight for human rights and freedom so much as it does for large corporations to rule however and wherever they choose. I have wished to expatriate since the Bush days in 2003 and it is still a goal of mine. Since the US supports unjust corporations and organizations like Israel, I subjected myself to financial poverty from 2005-2010 in order to not pay taxes to support the system we have established here. After finding that my protest was anti-progressive to my own growth and enjoyment of life, I am seeking other ways to live, work, and actively speak out against the injustices. — Demetrio Landeros,
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