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Companies woo Dar Al-Hekma students at fair

More than 40 companies in Saudi Arabia are offering jobs to 500 female job seekers of Dar Al-Hekma (DAH) College in its eight Annual Career Fair 2013. The event, which was held in the college campus, started yesterday and end today.
The fair aims to increase employment opportunities for Saudi women and help companies meet and interview fresh graduates and alumni.
“There is a lot of potential in DAH and the best candidates are usually found here. For now we have three job openings and we are looking for students for community service in our company. We are looking for candidates in client servicing, and as content developers and production managers,” said Omar Hussien, Uturn Entertainment CEO and president. “We are looking for talented and creative people who always think outside the box because this is what our business is all about. We are trying to offer something different to our consumers and anyone who works with us is different, be it our developers, actors or directors,” he added.
Companies that are participating in the fair are looking for both interns and full-time employees. “Our investment company is constantly looking for fresh graduates with fresh minds; we are offering internships in which students or fresh graduates can come and learn from our experts and go through a certain training process, and if they succeed they are offered a full time job with us,” said Marwan Bukhary, head of market intelligence and products at Itqan Capital.
“We are interested in DAH students and graduates in banking and finance and management information system, to be specific,” he added.
IKEA, which is also participating, announced their expansion plans comprising the opening of new branches in Jeddah, Riyadh and Makkah. “We need a massive recruitment campaign and we are willing to look at every CV that comes our way to seriously find people who are fit for the available positions,” said Sarah Alhakeem, recruitment specialist at IKEA. “We are looking for people to work in IT, human recourses, logistic, interior design, sales, cashier, graphic design and food and beverage. We would like to recruit around 300 people for our upcoming openings and we are hoping to find some candidates here,” she added.
Asharqia Chamber Employment Center (ACEC) is a recruitment company that came all the way from the Eastern Province to find employees for their clients all over the Kingdom. “Our company is the link between corporations and individuals looking for jobs; we are based in the Eastern Province but most of the companies we work with have branches all over the Kingdom and this is why we look forward to such events in which we can find the perfect candidate,” said Fahad Al-Addad, recruitment manager at ACEC.
“We are looking for applicants in every field and major. Usually people apply online and we look through their CVs; we are here to promote our website and our work,” he added.