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Palace atop mountain in Asir showcases Islamic history

JEDDAH: Atop Sarwat Mountain in Asir Province stands a palace representing the era of ancient Islamic history.
Called the "Palace of Islamic Civilizations," the structure located north of the city of Abha, part of the mountains of the Namas city, was built by citizen Mohammed bin Ali Al-Maqer for 27 years.
The decorations within the palace is patterned after Andalusian architecture. It has 300 Andalusian windows.
There are seven domes representing the continents of the world, 360 columns marking the days of the year, as well as an Islamic cultural scene in the Kingdom with more than 20 interfaces, and its corridors surrounded by hanging gardens with three million Islamic ornament plants.
The first floor typifies civilization of the Umayyad, Andalusian and Abbasid dynasties; the second floor demonstrates Islamic civilization from China in the east to West Africa, containing more than 18,000 antiquities; while the third floor represents Muslim civilization in the West and has more than 80,000 historical manuscripts.
The Palace has the oldest manuscripts of the Holy Qura'n, some of more than a thousand manuscripts of the Islamic holy book.
Mohammed Al-Maqer said the palace has become a popular destination for visitors of Namas city. He said the development of the palace continues and he hopes it will join the ranks of best international museums on cultural heritage.