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Saudi Arabia

Old national ID cards to be replaced by May

Hussein Al-Barakati, director of Civil Status in Makkah, said the processing of old national identifications cards that end their validity in 2017, 2018 or 2019 will be stopped on May 10.
All citizens holding old ID cards must renew their cards after booking an appointment online. The appointment will be given not later than two days, Al-Barakati saud.
The national identity will be issued in a few minutes, but the identity card could be received two week after taking the person’s photo, the director said. He added that the main reception office of the Civil Status, which has eight counters equipped with cameras, will renew and issue identity cards.
A counter is set apart for disabled people and older citizens. He said about 520 ID cards, including 200 cards for women, are issued daily. It also issues 200 family cards daily. The Civil Status Department issues birth certificates the moment the statement from the guardian is received and the temporary certificates issued for a year are canceled.
Now the primary birth certificates are issued directly from the head office in Al-Zahir district. The office is also receiving application for naturalization of a foreign woman married to a Saudi citizen and sons of Saudi women from their foreign husbands provided the applications fulfill all the required conditions. Correct applications are forwarded to Riyadh, the director said.
Two days are set apart for disabled and infirm citizens. On those days officials visit sick applicants for ID cards at hospitals and issue the cards immediately.
He added that the women’s section in the office would be expanded for speedy processing of applications.

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