Psychological warfare in Iraq

2015-05-06 03:00
When the Islamic State (IS) captured Mosul in June of 2014, the event brought to the fore the power of the extremist group’s propaganda machine and how it had paved the way for its lightning advance a...

Iran between a rock and a hard place

2015-05-06 03:00
Recent setbacks for the regime in Syria could give an unexpected push to the UN-sponsored Geneva talks, which began Monday and are slated to last for a month or more. UN Syria Envoy Staffan de Mistura...

Crossing the red line

2015-05-06 03:00
It seems that the Saudi Embassy in Kuwait has had enough of extremist Kuwaiti Member of Parliament Abdul-Hamid Dashti’s incitation and filed a legal complaint against him. Dashti’s supporters proteste...

The untold narratives

2015-05-06 03:00
We know little about the circumstances surrounding the majority of present or past events, be they wars, treaties, detentions, assassinations, or states of concord and discord.The reason being that th...

The indecision in British polls

2015-05-06 03:00
Tomorrow's British election has been billed as the most unpredictable contest in 70 years, notwithstanding the overwhelming expectation that it will yield yet another hung Parliament.Back in 1945 the...

All hopes on Palestinian youth

2015-05-05 03:03
In November 1993, I was on a mission. At the age of 21, I wanted to change the world, starting with Birzeit University, the second largest Palestinian university in the West Bank, situated near Ramall...

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