Waging ideological battle against IS

2014-11-29 03:00
Experts on terrorism, intelligence agents, writers, editors and analysts in the West are constantly seeking the answer to one question: Why do people join the so-called Islamic State (IS)? They have c...

Anti-Arab steps key to popularity in Israel

2014-11-29 03:00
The president of Israel was aghast. Ruvi Rivlin, who was recently elected to the high but largely ceremonial post, is far from being a leftist. On the contrary, this scion of a family that has been li...

Blair’s ‘transparency’ legacy

2014-11-29 03:00
Prior to becoming UK prime minister in 1997, Tony Blair promised a new era of transparency in the conduct of British public life. In the event, Blair became a byword for un-transparency. Many are curr...

Hard wisdom for scarce water

2014-11-29 03:00
In California, residential consumers are being fined for wasting water. The goal is to combat a severe drought by reducing residential consumption by 20 percent. The trouble is that residential water...

A million mutinies among the believers

2014-11-28 01:33
In a tribute to the inimitable Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat on his 10th death anniversary last week (Nov. 11), veteran Palestinian journalist and analyst Abdel Bari Atwan lamented the fact that th...

India-Pakistan relations on ice

2014-11-28 03:00
So Prime Minister Modi officially snubbed Nawaz Sharif at the SAARC conference by keeping his hands fisted and then reading a pamphlet in what was not even a disguised indication that he wasn’t going...

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