Kuwait and Saudi Arabia: Who is the target?

2015-07-01 03:00
The Arab world is living through a difficult time in its history. Mosques are bombed during prayer; there is terrible sectarian polarization; terrorists misuse the name of Islam and call themselves a...

Turkey’s Syrian dilemma

2015-07-01 03:00
There has been talk of Turkey’s intent to enter northern Syria since the start of the revolution four years ago. However, the hopes of Syrians who appealed to Turkey to help them against the brutality...

Daesh is more than a terrorist organization

2015-07-01 03:00
There was an important subliminal message in Friday’s dual attacks in Kuwait and Tunis: Daesh, is much more than a terrorist organization wedged between Syria and Iraq; rather it’s a cross-border dogm...

An antibiotics-free world

2015-07-01 03:00
Current antibiotics are becoming increasingly ineffective, not only at fighting common illnesses like pneumonia and urinary tract infections, but also at treating a range of infections, such as tuberc...

Giving Athens a chance

2015-07-01 03:00
Default, dear Alexis, is not in our stars but in ourselves, that we are underlings,” a character called, let’s say, Varoufakis might have said in a latter-day Shakespearean play.It’s not hard to imagi...

Exposing Israel’s crimes

2015-07-01 03:00
Gaza 2014, a scene of unsurpassed brutality indicting Israel as a war-criminal nation nonpareil, though here, in the report of Independent Commission, pursuant to UN Human Rights Council (HRC) resolut...

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