Repercussions of Paris attacks

2015-11-29 03:00
The terrorist attacks in Paris is having a backlash on Muslims around the world and a lot of questions have been raised about ways to fight this perversion of a religion that does not endorse attack o...

Saudi Press Roundup

2015-11-29 00:33
Who’s the real culprit?THOSE who have been following the Saudi media during the last few days must have noticed that the “rain” issue remained on top of the priority list of newspapers, television cha...

Emerging regional scenario

2015-11-29 03:00
How did the Syrian crisis evolve from a civil war to a regional conflict and, now, to an international conflict between Russia and NATO?Turkey’s downing of the Russian warplane is a significant event...

So much for free speech

2015-11-29 03:00
Make no mistake about it: The declaration of prize money by the far-right Shiv Sena party (which has several elected lawmakers in the Parliament and is a constituent of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led...

An apology tour

2015-11-29 03:06
While carmakers were displaying their latest ware at the Los Angeles Motor Show, VW America chief Michael Horn was busy apologizing to customers and dealers for the deceptive software used by VW to si...

Nothing sporting about heat strokes

2015-11-29 03:00
Always had a resistance to those who found romance in hot weather cricket. It had to do with a colleague of mine suffering a heat stroke in our school Colts XI of which I was the profoundly uncelebra...

Kazakhstan’s key role in Central Asia

2015-11-28 12:55
The current media spotlight on Kazakhstan highlights the strategic role that it is playing not only in Central Asia but also at the international level. But what is striking — and at times frustrating...

Putin’s Syrian roulette

2015-11-28 03:00
Two recent tragedies — the downing of a Russian civilian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula and the terrorist massacre in Paris two weeks later — seemed to give Russia and the West something to agree u...

The big lie

2015-11-28 03:00
Not since Joe McCarthy, the demagogue and bully who rose to political prominence in the early 1950s by blatantly distorting the truth, has there been a public figure like Donald Trump, the Republican...

Europe’s new challenges

2015-11-28 03:00
The terrorist attacks on Paris earlier this month have given rise to an explosion of nasty prejudice. According to one survey, anti-Muslim hate crimes quickly spiked 300 percent in Britain — the vast...

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