Taking Saudi-US ties to new levels

2014-11-24 03:00
Prince Miteb bin Abdullah’s visit to the United States is talk of the town these days. The visit of the minister of Saudi National Guard was very much anticipated due to the current geopolitical devel...

‘Nationalization’ drive

2014-11-24 03:00
The Shoura Council suggested the establishment of an official firm called the ‘Saudization Mission’. This suggestion is justified by the slowness of the Saudization plans carried out by the Ministry o...

Homeowners crave quality finish

2014-11-24 03:00
The beauty of being Saudi is our access to new housing through a wide range of programs. And the tragedy of being Saudi is actually living in new housing.The Ministry of Housing recently ordered the R...

Rain, rain, go away!

2014-11-24 03:00
Back in the summer days, I was driving in Orlando, Florida, of the United States. The weather was pleasant and sunny, my family and I were all having fun heading to one of the attractions scattered al...

Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: The moment of truth

2014-11-24 03:00
For any Ph.D. scholar, viva voce is the moment of truth. While this writer has not reached that stage yet but has been advised by her supervisor to start preparing for the D-day by attending workshops...

The master of distraction

2014-11-24 03:00
Arguably, no other Israeli politician has ever played up the issue of security to frighten voters as effectively as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Literally, Netanyahu has subordinated every key n...

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