Other Side of the Mirror: His, hers and ours

2014-08-22 03:00
The trouble with having common gender names is that they can get you into trouble. Like my friend Jyoti. That’s his name. Mom and Dad evidently felt he was the bright light of their lives if not anyon...

Modi’s mission begins at home

2014-08-22 03:00
August is the month of anniversaries and memories in South Asia. This past week saw India and Pakistan celebrate their Independence with the usual fanfare although it was a rather muted affair on the...

IS is now chasing Al-Surooris

2014-08-22 03:00
Extremism has reached unprecedented level in the present time. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, renamed Islamic State (IS), which has assumed frightening proportions, is now not only threatening t...

What’s for supper up in the sky

2014-08-22 03:00
For 95 years, dining “à-la-airline” has taken its fair share of sneers, and jeers. The ‘bag lunch’ produced cheaper fares and increased profits. But that was then. Today’s lunch/dinner tray is conside...

The ratings revolution

2014-08-22 03:00
If the French capital is no longer Europe’s rudest city, we can perhaps thank the growth of online rating tools, such as TripAdviser.Travel Web sites have been around since the 1990s, when Expedia, Tr...

The Great War’s forgotten soldiers

2014-08-21 03:00
One hundred years after the start of WWI, the world has been commemorating that seminal event. Described as “a war to end all wars,” the Great War, as it was called at the time, failed to live up to i...

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