For the love of God

2014-12-22 23:06
I have always thought religion is a private affair and not flung in anyone’s face. It is between you and your God and if it does not trespass on your neighbor’s freedoms and rights, so be it, you find...

The 2014 paradigm shift

2014-12-23 03:00
In terms of losses in human lives, 2014 has been a horrific year for Palestinians, surpassing the horrors of both 2008 and 2009, when an Israeli war against the Gaza Strip killed and wounded thousands...

Hope in the air

2014-12-23 03:00
Egyptians have had a rough ride over the past few years. It’s been a roller-coaster ride of uncertainty combined with political, economic and social upheaval. But signs are the country is poised to en...

Fighting Ebola on all fronts

2014-12-23 03:00
Judging by the media coverage in the US and Europe of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, one might conclude that conditions in the affected countries are gradually improving. But, though the epidemic...

Isolating Moscow won’t help

2014-12-23 03:00
By every indication the Russian economy is in imminent danger of collapse. After a period of relative economic stability under President Vladimir Putin, the ruble is now in free-fall. The central bank...

Maintaining our infrastructure

2014-12-22 03:00
Since the first economic boom of the early 1970s, the Kingdom had seen many mega projects shaping the face of the country - huge airports, hospitals, roads, industrial plants, sports stadiums and many...

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