Preventing Bloody Fridays

2015-07-04 03:00
Friday, June 26, 2015 — it was the second Friday of Ramadan. Three countries were left shocked by three separate terror attacks. A man was beheaded at the exit to a factory in France, a massacre took...

Daesh: Is the West really threatened?

2015-07-04 03:00
Last Friday, in France, an Islamist named Yahya Salhi killed his employer, Herve Cornara. He attached the victim’s severed head to the fence around a chemical plant and then rammed his vehicle into a...

New mission for World Bank

2015-07-04 03:00
The Bank’s 20th century mission — to help countries finance their development — will remain vital for the foreseeable future. But there is also room for the World Bank to adjust its focus for the 21st...

Egypt is not Iraq

2015-07-04 03:00
Terrorists ruined the chance to celebrate Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi’s first year in power, while the Egyptian media was preoccupied with the assassination of the attorney general and th...

Hanging in the balance

2015-07-04 03:00
Greece has carried on its back a crippling debt load for the last five years. How crippling? Very crippling. And this was evidenced by the fact that last Wednesday Athens missed a crucial debt payment...

Gulf, Asian carriers rule the skies

2015-07-03 03:00
Last week, Skytrax World Airline Awards were announced. The prizes, also called Passenger Choice Awards, are especially significant because they represent consumer preferences as expressed in direct v...

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