Fast-tracking reforms

2015-05-04 03:00
Saudi Arabia is a huge country with a population of about 30 million. One-third of the population consists of expatriates coming from different parts of the world and bringing with them different ways...

On the road to success

2015-05-04 03:00
During the last couple of months, Saudi Arabia has witnessed many changes — the decision to use the language of force with those who don’t understand and respond to peaceful gestures, the shuffle in k...

Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: Honing analytical skills

2015-05-04 03:00
These days I get to spend very little time with my kids. I wake them up in the morning, make sure that they had breakfast and they are dressed properly for school. Then I drive them to their schools....

Turning the tide against Assad

2015-05-04 03:00
Since the beginning of the popular uprising in Syria in 2011, Assad and his regional allies have left no stone unturned to ensure the survival of the regime. While stalemate has continued throughout t...

New war but old weapons

2015-05-04 03:00
Information and communication technologies have become a central part of everyday life for most of the world’s population. They affect even the most underdeveloped and remote areas of the planet and h...

Dwelling on the past

2015-05-04 03:00
Before it opens up to the world and becomes like other countries, I desired to see Cuba — the country, which almost caused a third world war. Cuba and North Korea are currently the last two communist...

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