Examining root of western hostility

2015-02-02 03:10
Aa the self-ascribed Islamic State (IS) continues to murder as many people as possible and idiots with automatic weapons try to wipe out journalists who “hurt their feelings,” a trend is emerging to l...

Injecting fresh blood

2015-02-02 03:09
The passing of King Abdullah on Jan. 23 and the seamless transfer of power to King Salman on the same day reaffirmed once again Saudi Arabia’s political agility. As expected, Custodian of the Two Holy...

Saudi-US relations stand test of time

2015-02-02 03:08
Since the meeting between the founder of the Kingdom, King Abdul Aziz, and US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, onboard the American cruiser USS Quincy in February 1945, the ties between the two countr...

War of a new kind

2015-02-02 03:07
It seems that Egypt will continue grappling with terrorism for years to come. The Egyptian government launched a campaign over the last few months to put a cap on the emerging insurgency in the Sinai...

Why we loved Abdullah

2015-02-02 03:07
He addressed us as his family. He always knew how to get into our hearts in the best ways. Spontaneously charismatic, honest, loving and warm hearted, he spoke to us, his people, the way we wished to...

Time to pay attention to sports

2015-02-02 03:05
A few days ago, many Saudis and particularly the youth were seen discussing one issue very seriously. It was not about the declining oil prices or the events taking place in the neighboring countries....

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