Defending our borders

2014-10-01 03:00
Since the establishment of modern day Saudi Arabia on Sept. 23, 1932 it has adopted non-interference in the internal matters of other countries as the basic pillar of its foreign policy and has always...

Modi is not India

2014-10-01 03:00
Among the 18,500 people who behaved like cheerleaders for Narendra Modi during his theatrics last Sunday at New York’s Madison Square Garden, not one person would be able to defend the controversial I...

More than airstrikes needed to defeat IS

2014-10-01 03:00
It has been more than a week since five Arab countries joined the US-led coalition in bombing Islamic State (IS) targets in both Syria and Iraq. The event is unprecedented and it bolsters Washington’s...

The politics of fear

2014-10-01 03:00
People anywhere in the world who claim not be profoundly disturbed by the self-publicized actions of the group of combatants that calls itself Islamic State (IS) provide considerable cause for concern...

Afghanistan — not a lost cause

2014-10-01 03:00
President Obama last May said, “We have to recognize that Afghanistan will not be a perfect place, and it’s not America’s responsibility to make it one.” No, it isn’t, and Afghanistan is a strikingly...

Abbas pulls no punches

2014-09-30 03:00
The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, has been playing by America’s rules for years and received nothing for his efforts apart from empty promises. Unlike his fiery predecessor, Yasser Arafat, unt...

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