Europe’s Jews facing backlash

2014-08-23 03:00
On Aug. 11, Britain’s Guardian newspaper horrified great numbers of its liberal readers by publishing a full page Zionist advertisement with the heading: “Jews rejected child sacrifice 3,500 years ago...

A lesson from Ferguson riots

2014-08-23 03:00
Most people used to think that violence and protests would somehow be different in America, the cradle of democracy. The events last week in the town of Ferguson in the state of Missouri have rather a...

Pakistan at a crossroads

2014-08-23 03:00
Despite the huge protests against his government and mounting calls for resignation, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has refused to budge. The key question now is, will he be able to survive fo...

Ascent of a woman

2014-08-23 03:00
Ever seen an eagle turf an eaglet out of the nest purely because it was of the feminine gender? Heard of a cheetah who refused to teach his daughter how to run and hunt because he was too busy teachin...

Low green range ... No visas!

2014-08-22 03:00
The Ministry of Labor declared that any private organization within low green range of Saudization will not be authorized new visas or transfer of expat workers. This will be final by the beginning of...

Other Side of the Mirror: His, hers and ours

2014-08-22 03:00
The trouble with having common gender names is that they can get you into trouble. Like my friend Jyoti. That’s his name. Mom and Dad evidently felt he was the bright light of their lives if not anyon...

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