Thank you Sweden

2014-10-31 03:00
Even when the Swedish foreign minister promised that his country will recognize the State of Palestine, we weren't sure it would. We knew that such kind of decisions would be subject to serious pressu...

Blair’s ‘military humanism’

2014-10-31 03:00
Active UK military engagement in the US-led war in Afghanistan, which ended on Oct. 26 after 13 years, was said by the British media to have divided opinion. This was that British specialty known as "...

What W. Africa can teach us about Ebola

2014-10-31 03:00
When the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital missed a crucial diagnosis of the Ebola virus and released Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan to go home, it unleashed a sequence of events that is still unfolding...

Other Side of the Mirror: Why NaMo is making a mess of it

2014-10-31 03:00
After deep and introspective study I have finally figured out why Modi bashers are so frightfully busy bashing. He is not playing the game according to the rules. See, that is an incandescent distilla...

The French walk a tightrope

2014-10-31 03:00
Former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson once said that a week is a very long time in politics. If that is true, France’s 2017 presidential election is an eternity away and any speculation at this...

Bright kids but poor grades

2014-10-30 03:00
It is clear that as 2015 approaches the Saudi education system remains ill-equipped to respond to the needs of a modern Saudi family. What worked a generation ago does not work now. The public policy...

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