King Abdullah’s education plans stood out

2015-01-30 03:06
I would like to express my deepest condolences to fellow citizens on the passing of our beloved King Abdullah.When the news reached me, I could not help, in my sadness, but reflect on the immense lega...

Barry, Narry and the danger lying ahead

2015-01-30 03:07
So how do you go from being an international pariah for 12 long years to becoming the best friend and partner of Uncle Sam overnight? But, you know, what they say about the grayish world of internatio...

India’s most feared ‘Common Man’

2015-01-30 03:02
The passing away of celebrated cartoonist R.K. Laxman in Pune, India, on Monday came as a bolt from the blue. I grew up reading the Times of India, which was never complete without Laxman’s drawings.H...

All suited and booted

2015-01-30 03:00
The last person to be given a sartorial dressing down was an emperor and he had no clothes at all. But you can play hell into the word by messing about with it. It’s a long suit. Suit yourself. A suit...

Pakistani media need to realize its responsibilities

2015-01-30 03:04
The role of media is central to the functioning of democracy. Earlier, the press was the only medium. Today it is but one component of an array of conduits through which information flows. If media is...

Potential traps on the path to US-Cuba normalization

2015-01-30 03:00
On Dec. 17, 2014, Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro made history by each taking a bold and politically brave step: They agreed to begin the process of normalizing relations.American and Cuban ne...

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